Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

With the augmented reality technology that Salmat Printing specializes in under the brand name artgesoft, we aim to differentiate our customers and to give them an advantage over the market conditions.

Augmented reality is a very innovative and versatile technology that can be used for different purposes in every aspect of life. Augmented reality technology can be used in many fields such as architecture, education, marketing and health.

Augmented reality is the addition of 3D objects, videos, images, web and social media links as a digital layer over real-world printed materials and objects.

For example, when the user points the camera of the mobile phone or tablet into an image with increased reality or the product packaging, the picture can be displayed in 3 d models on the picture or on the packaging.

With Augmented Reality, objects, product packaging and printed visual materials can communicate directly with people through smartphones and tablets.

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